Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend with Friends

this weekend we went up to birmingham to get together with david's three best friends from childhood/growing up. walt and his wife april live in birmingham, jordan lloyd and his wife ellen live in jackson, tn, jordan christie and his new fiance rebekah live in pensacola and of course david and i live in atlanta.

it is so much fun when we are all together and it doesn't happen enough. i have been extremely blessed in my marital situation. i have in-laws that i love and absolutely adore. and also, david's best friends have wives (and future wife) that are absolutely amazing. when the four of the boys are together it is seriously hard to remember that they aren't brothers. anyway, it doesn't happen enough - them being together, that is. and we have all become one big family. i love it.

this time we got together to celebrate two glorious events: jordan and rebekah's engagement and the birth of walt and april's baby boy, charlie - the first of the next generation.

here are some of the highlights:

1 comment: said...

this post makes me extremely happy.
i am so glad that you guys have these friends.
i am so glad you had this weekend.
its soo important. i love that you have it, and love it!