Sunday, June 28, 2009

Vinyl Collection

this weekend, we made yet another trip...this time to birmingham. we had to go pick up our honda from the shop (if you live in birmingham, and need car work done, go to the garage in pelham).

while killing some time on friday afternoon, we went to my parents house to finally accept my dad's offer of some of his vinyl collection. of all the things i thank my dad for from my childhood, love of music is one of them. so, while going through his collection, we were practically giddy. here are some of the highlights:

1. the band: if you don't know the band, i suggest you run to the nearest record store or hit up iTunes to experience the wonder that they are. that's all i have to say to you.

2. the beatles, sgt. pepper and the lonely hearts club band: while we also acquired help, abbey road, the white album and john lenin's imagine, this is our agreed upon favorite. for me it's "lucy in the sky with diamonds." it doesn't get much better.

3. johnny cash, live at san quentin: iconic. need i say more? if i do then, "boy named sue"

4. creedence clearwater revival: willy and the poor boys: while we also got a few other ccr albums, this is the quintessential album. don't give me that lynard skynard crap...ccr is real southern rock.

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ian bowling said...

the blind rage of jealousy just completely overpowered my senses. i can't believe you have these on vinyl!

also, two points for knowing who the band is and backing them up. i usually get a "the band?! what band?" anytime i throw out a reference.