Friday, July 24, 2009

Rick Bragg

cultural memoirs are some of my favorite books...especially anything to do with the south. i read to kill a mockingbird twice in one summer when i was 9. i used to beg my dad to read me short stories by truman capote and eudora welty. anyway, i am a little late on the rick bragg bus, but i am still so glad i caught it.

i just picked up all over but the shoutin' and ava's man, and i am so excited to crack 'em open. the honest depiction of rural poverty and hardship can only be told by those who have experienced it. growing up in a state that is, in some parts, still reeling from the civil war (trust me, that is not an exaggeration - reference gee's bend), there is a deep love within me for these stories, even though my childhood couldn't touch his with a ten foot pole.

i guess i'll just have to let you know how they turn out. or you could pick them up yourself.

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