Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Grandpa Ralph

this past weekend we went to houston to meet the newest member of our family, kaleigh (david's oldest sister had her first child!). but since we couldn't spend every minute of the weekend "staring at the baby" as david called it, we had to find other things to do. one afternoon, me and nancy went through some old pictures for a project i am going to do whenever we move. well, one thing led to another and the next thing i know, i'm copying tons of files from the computer.

i love family. i love family stories. i love old pictures. i love learning things i didn't know before. it's where we - and the people we love - come from. one of the saddest things in the world to me is that i never got to meet david's grandpa. i have been assured that i would have loved him. it has already been decided that our first boy will be named for him. and he sure did love david.

grandpa (ralph) on his honeymoon

grandpa with chuck (david's dad) and uncle steve (far right)

master angler

like grandfather, like grandson (one of my all time favorite pictures)

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