Friday, October 2, 2009


so i know this is so late coming but (drumroll, please)...we moved to birmingham (i'll pause for your gasp of surprise).

we were a little turned around and upside down about the whole announcement thing because david wanted to make sure that everyone he worked with knew that we were moving before i could blog about it or anything, and they didn't all find out until the thursday before we moved, sooooooo. anyway, here we are.

i am really excited about this little stint in our lives. it's funny. i never thought we would move to birmingham. i never really wanted to be the person who settled back down at home (and i take comfort in the fact that i like change and that we will move on at some point), but i am looking forward to just being somewhere for an extended period of time.

so here's my top 8, bottom 4 of the whole thing:

top 8:
1. getting to be here when my sister and brother-in-law adopt their little baby boy. i could puke i'm so excited about this. and just being here for all that goes along with that.
2. one of my oldest friends, morgan, had her first baby - shepard - yesterday. and i actually got to go see them (not 3 weeks later, the day she had him)
3. last saturday night getting to hang out with my BEST friends in the whole world and knowing that i didn't have to "go home" the next day. this is home now.
4. getting to see more of caroline.
5. getting to work for my mom and finally getting her house remodeled (after 12 years of planning)
6. rick and bubba
7. going to a church with the most incredibly inspirational, and ridiculously challenging pastor i've ever heard speak. a church that is giving up all their "indulgences" and is taking on the ENTIRE country of india by way of compassion's early childhood survival program. a church that believes feeding the poor and taking care of the widows and orphans is more important than talking about it. (if you can't tell, i'm seriously jazzed about this place)
8. getting to stay in town for one half of our family holidays.

bottom 4:
1. awkwardly running into people i went to school with (unless it was planned because we're still friends)
2. alabama fans
3. now suddenly having no excuse to miss anything
4. nothing to do past 9 pm

5. missing the peters (how can i even forget that?!?!) and liz and charlie...and while i'm at it: brant, trey, garret, alvin, nick, rachel, hannah, christi and john :)


Ericka B. Jackson said...

WHOA! Big news! I had no idea! Can't wait to hear more- where will you two be working?

Awesome that you are 'home' for a bit- I understand not wanting to just 'move home', but at the same time missing so much by being away. *sigh

CONGRATS on a fun transition! Maybe in B'ham you can keep all your vehicles in one piece. (crazy ATL). Keep us updated- especially on this adoption (that was news too!) THRILLED to hear that!

Abundant blessings and love to you!

Greta said...

1 - Can we hang?
2 - I didn't know Liz and JD were!
3 - Welcome back ;).

Katie said...

Bottom #5 is that we miss you guys a lot. I totally agree that there are times in life when being near family is the greatest blessing. Hope to see you soon.

Bek* said...

greta - yes, please! said...

love this post with tribute to our "home."
i mean, lets just say, I love nashville and all, but home is where the heart is, and the heart is where the people are, and I really love people in birmingham - and i love yall. so maybe, just maybe, im a little jealous that yall are here. and lets be honest. the ham is waaaaay cooler now than when we were in high school. dont hate, yall. ps: the wilsons are adopting?
nobody ever tells me anything.