Sunday, October 25, 2009


so i am supposed to be blogging this experience. and i haven't been. but i promised i would start. liz and i are both currently unemployed and my mom has been wanting to do some work on her house for over a year now. so with these powers combined, it has turned into a project headed up by liz and me. it has been quite an experience so far and we are still very much in the beginning stages.

we spend a lot of time like this trying to figure out what in the hell we are doing:
thankfully, liz is a designer so she knows a lot of this stuff. i'm really good for bouncing ideas off of, though.

and we have been doing some basic wallpaper tearing down, ceiling scraping, etc.

we are really just ready for demo to begin. like the real demo that involves sledgehammers and destruction. it will be good times. this little house deserves it. mom and dad deserve it.

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