Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Remodel Update

this has been our first week back at the grind. we had to take a hiatus to granny sit for a week after a sudden and unexpected hospitalization (never fear, dear ole granny is doing great) and then, naturally, we took the week of christmas off. so things are moving right along on the upstairs.

monday, we were removing wallpaper upstairs in my old bonus room (that's right, a random room that was only off my bedroom...score!) and we were a little delirious. next thing i know liz is dancing across the back of the room saying, "dancin's all about the freestyle." i'll let you be the judge.

then, also on monday, we were moving some things into the attic and our dog began to attack a bat that was stuck to a glue board (one of those things you put down to catch bugs and such). it made awful noises and liz and i screamed and ran out of the attic only to realize andy had brought the bat with him. i don't think i'll ever fully get over the hissing sounds and sonar clicking we had to endure. thankfully, there were boys there cutting down some tree limbs that were gracious enough to come in and dispose of the bat. but i decided to go back and take a picture once we were sure it was dead.

then we started on the bathroom. say good-bye to hideous blue hexagonal tile and matching blue countertops. it will be a wondrous world of white once we're done.

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