Sunday, January 3, 2010

Radical Experiment

so brook hills is kicking off the new year with a whole new vision; a radical experiment. and here are a few of the main points.

- pray for the entire world.
through using operation world's website, we as individuals will be able to pray for every nation by the end of the year followed by a weekly prayer focus. i loved what david said about being humble enough to realize that one of the most influential ways you can change the world is from your knees. and getting to be apart of what God is going to do in each and every nation this coming year.

- read through the entire word.
thanks to dr. george guthrie, we have been provided with a reading guide (pictured above) to be able to read the whole bible chronologically (meaning you will read the prophets with the corresponding historical books, etc.). i am beyond excited about this one (it's the history major and fact finder in me, i guess).

- sacrifice our money for a specific purpose.
pretty self-explanatory. but really a challenge to cap your lifestyle. figure out what you can live on and sacrifice the rest. pretty radical...and amazing.

- spend our time in another context.
spend a certain amount of time outside your comfort zone...for the glory of God in those places. whether it be in missions or volunteering somewhere...where can you spend your time?

- commit our life to a multiplying community.
again...this one is pretty self-explanatory. get involved in a bible-teaching church and small group.

i'm so excited to see how this year in our lives are going to be drastically changed because of what God is going to do through this plan. so excited!

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