Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Industrial Curtain Rod

i love to make things. i love it more when it's inexpensive and unique. this particular project wasn't necessarily cheap but considering what a nice 8.5 ft. curtain rod would cost it was drastically cheaper. i got this idea from my sister who did it for her den (so i guess it's not that unique).

here's what you need:
- metal pipe (measure your window and have the fine people at lowe's or home depot cut it down for you and rethread it)
- two (2) 90 degree elbow joints
- two (2) floor flanges
- some wall anchor screws (we got the kind that hold up to 50 lbs. - pipe is heavy and your adding curtain weight)

steps: (there may be better ways to do this, but this is how we do it)
1. have one end of the pipe assembled
2. measure the middle of your pipe and the middle of your window and align them
3. mark your holes in the flange and drill
4. screw in that side. slide on curtains.
5. assemble other end. make sure rod is level.
6. mark holes and drill other end.
7. screw in that side.
8. step back and admire.

(please ignore the hideous mini-blinds. the life of a renter...)

(i have a really nice camera...i don't know why i continue to use iphone pictures...)

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