Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sunny Austin Wedding

on november 1, i had the privilege to fly to austin and be in one of my best friend's weddings - court miller (better known as fat bottom hurst). how do i describe court? she is one of the most genuine and selfless people i've ever met. and we share a brain. and our future as of yet to be adopted children are already betrothed. she is one of the few (maybe the only) girls that david will call his friend. i'm so happy she found steve. he is equally amazing. so, to let you all share in one of the greatest, most fun weddings i've ever been to, here is my homage.

yes, that is my husband doing the worm on the left.

and they had this awesome photobooth (which is apparently all the rage these days, but i swear they started it in austin). don't you like the way i made it look like a real photobooth strip? yeah? yeah?

all wedding photos © two pair photography and all photobooth pictures © trevor ray thompson photography

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