Friday, January 8, 2010

Calling All Parents

dear parents,

my friend laura and i are throwing around the idea of (me) writing and (her) illustrating a series of children's books. i don't want to give too much away on the world wide web of what our premise is but just think fun, whimsical children's books. what i need to know from you is: what are some awesome lessons you would like your children to learn/read about?

we are throwing around the idea of two different series: one being and adventerous spirit with a great imagination and the other being really proper and manner-focused (but in a fun whimsy way).

so feel free to give me ideas on either (even if you're not a parent). we need all the ideas we can get. and we will maybe thank you in the acknowledgements. :)

(just picture it, this is what our author/illustrator picture could look like...go ahead. picture it.)

we are hoping something like this would be fun and pay enough to allow us to do things we love. for me that would be more serious writing. for laura - well, laura just wants to play. ha!


Alvin said...

I'm not a parent, and most likely not a good example to children, but that Manners idea is pretty awesome. And totally necessary (kids these days..).

Reminds me of this: (which also had cool, funny illustrations).

Queenie said...

What a great idea!!...You are going to be a super-duper writer:)

Some good ideas: special needs - how to be nice and include in playtime, etc.

To put others before yourself

Giving back to those around you in ways that blesses

Respect parents, siblings, friends

To really treat others the way you want to be treated

Loyal friendships

Honesty, integrity, good character

Being a good citizen

Smile and the world smiles back....

Katie B said...

bek- i think this is an awesome idea and that you would do a GREAT job :) i think something along the lines of everyone has special gifts inside them that when they use them they will be blessed and so will others, ya know?!

Greta said...

Totally meant to comment on this a while ago but I was thinking...

I didn't come up with much, but for now how about:
-emphasizing that your home is a safe place (sam is totally freaked out by those darn blow-up things people have out at Christmas) and i'm trying to teach him that when he's in our house, he's safe.
-something about being able to be rough and tough outside, but needing to be gentle and quiet inside
-maybe a lesson about giving to others, especially giving up something you want or have to someone who doesn't have as much

Good luck. Y'all will rock at this and I expect a signed copy!

Katie said...

Manners are cool. I'm currently trying ti figure out how to make the kids mannerly without losing the sass that we all love. Right now, it seems that the sass has to go in order for the proper respect to came. Figure that out, and you'll be a millionaire.