Thursday, January 7, 2010

Currey & Co. Lighting

sorry for all the design posts but lately, i have been obsessed with lighting. i think all the remodel stuff is going to my soul. anyway, i can't help it that it's fun to look at pretty things. especially, illuminated ones. the main focus of my light lust has been currey & co. their ridiculously gorgeous pieces come with a nice price tag, but man, oh man, are they pretty. so, to share my obsession, here are a few of my favorites:

things i think would be cute in a kid's/baby's room:

1. the carousel lantern: i LOVE this red 
2. the zephyr chandelier: this is the one that started it all and sadly, currey has discontinued it and i can't find so much as an image of it online. sadness.

just down right good stuff:

1. the corfu lantern: rustic and simple
2. the corsica lantern: ummm, antiqued mirror. need i say more?

washed wood - the greatest trend of the past year:

1. the simplicity chandelier: we actually scored this one for the stairwell at mom's house. i could not be more proud of dear ol' mom...swoon. feel free to come over and admire. we can pop popcorn and just sit on the stairs and stare at it.
2. the benevolence chandelier: the greatest light fixture i've ever seen. period.


1. the mainstay chandelier: it kind of looks like a spider. and i kind of like that.
2. the wexford chandelier: i just love the round bulbs

and if thousands of dollars is just pocket change to you, check out the amazing stuff lindsey adelman has going on. oh my. outrageously cool. but, if you're like me, you will just have to content yourself to look at the pictures.

but, just proving how cool she is, you could follow lindsey's instructions to make a light fixture that is similar in design to her more opulent hand blown and crafted fixtures.

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Jaeve + Things said...

those are VERY pretty indeed! minus the price tags.