Monday, January 25, 2010

David's First Stomach Virus

this weekend we went to visit our friends jordan and ellen who live in columbus, ms. david and jordan have played music together forever and so now that jordan is a worship pastor, he calls on david every now and then. anyway, after church we had a fateful conversation about stomach viruses, in which we discussed how david has not had a stomach virus the whole time we have been married. when will we learn not to say such things?

around 4 am this morning that all changed. it's been bad, folks. i'm not gonna lie. but he's a trooper. and my question is how can he still look this good amidst it all. not fair. i actually tried to find a picture david took of me last time i had a stomach virus, but i couldn't find it. however, it is safe to say i looked like i had been simultaneously electrocuted and hit by a truck.

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