Thursday, February 11, 2010

Engagement Anniversary

Four years ago, using my impending birthday as an excuse, david took me to destin to go shopping. that afternoon while walking on the beach, he popped the big question. it wasn't a cheesy beach moment for the sake of a cheesy beach moment. that was where we'd had our first kiss. i kind of knew it was coming because it was freezing and all i had was a light sweater. david, however, was wearing a shirt, sweater and then put on his big jacket (the ring was in the jacket pocket). don't worry. he offered me a thin blanket.

anyway, it was great. i don't remember a word he said. i remember trying to talk back to it was a conversation...and he finally told me to just be quiet. well, clearly, i said yes. and i love him more today than ever. i hardly even remember what life was like then - what our relationship was like. it has all changed so much, we've changed so much. but 99% for the better. it's just funny to look back on it...we look so young. we were just babies!

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Greta said...

Happy happy birthday, friend :)