Sunday, February 14, 2010

My 26th Birthday

saturday was my birthday...yeah! i still love birthdays so much. christmas has lost it's magic as i've grown up, but birthdays...birthdays still get me. it's probably for really selfish reasons, but i just do.

the best part about my birthday this year (other than my awesome thoughtful husband who made sure i had a weekend o' fun) was SNOW! everyone wants snow on christmas but no. snow on your birthday is infinitely better. too bad it didn't last the whole day. it was gone by the afternoon (except our sad little snowman was holding on til this afternoon). anyway, we had fun playing in it as we waited for liz and jd to come pick us up for a movie. (the pictures are really dark...our camera was dead and we were snow blind so we couldn't really tell)

the only waterproof shoes i own.

our tiny snowman. i tried to help but then my hands were burning and i didn't know where my gloves were (clearly, snow is not the norm here). the sad thing about snowmen in the south is that once they are made, they sit on a bed of grass.

he thought about starting a snowball fight. he wisely chose not to.

we went and saw valentine's day. i am normally not the person to go see romantic comedies in the theater, but i really wanted to see it. it was ok. nowhere near as good as love actually which everyone has been comparing it to. but i didn't hate it. glad it was a matinee, though. finished up the night with wings and cheese fries from mafiaoza's. yum.

also, happy valentine's day. i wish i had a picture of my outfit i wore today. i killed valentine's day. and apparently, no one wears pink or red anymore so i looked kind of ridiculous. but it was awesome.


malorie said...

a: happy belated birthday sweet friend.
b: so glad you are doing well.
3: i wore red on valentines day too. you aren't alone, people just need to get back in the program.

Greta said...

glad you had such a great birthday weekend and yea(!) for the snow :).

love the picture of you "captain morganing" the snowman. you look super skinny!

i totally wore red today.