Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tour of Birmingham

for mom and dad's birthdays (they are a week apart) we had a day o' fun. we decided we wanted them to take us on a tour of birmingham. where they grew up, plus just fun, historical places. it was a lot of fun. we all crammed in liz and jd's tahoe and besides it being freezing and rainy, it was a delightful day.

counterclockwise: 1. dad's first street. he lived there when he was a baby. these were houses built for wwII veterans; 2. the house mom grew up in. only, as she said, "it wasn', then. it was white; 3. dad's house in crestwood. it is currently for sale. me want; 4. mom and dad's first apartment. it was $50 a got broken into and they had a car stolen...hmm, sounds familiar.

the famous rickwood field: oldest baseball park in the country

the boys had fun.

counterclockwise: 1. (taken through the car window) tuxedo junction. this was a jazz bar where all the greats played. 2. pete's famous hot dogs. a fixture in local lore. both dad and david have - on separate occasions - been called stupid for ordering a hot dog with mustard only. think the soup nazi; 3. one of dad's fire stations.

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