Tuesday, February 2, 2010

PBS Masterpiece Theater

I am completely obsessed with pbs's masterpiece theater right now. it all started back before christmas when david was on the booster cruise. i tend to netflix chick flicks in those days (and by "chick flicks" i mean period movies. for some reason i don't really get into romantic comedies). extra bonus if they are "watch instantly" as was the case with wuthering heights. i was hooked. i think i watched it 4 times that week.

then, i added sense and sensibility to the queue (unfortunately, it was not watch instantly) just as a back up. well, our movies have been running low and it came last week. david was sweet and watched it with me (all 3.5 hours of it). but it was amazing as well.

last week, thanks to joanna goddard's blog i found out that pbs is currently airing emma. i could not have been more excited. so since it is their current feature, you can watch it online.

so what's the point? who hasn't seen some version of these movies at some point? well, here's the deal. i'm by no means a period film snob. the more contemporary a version, the more i'm going to like it (as long as they don't get carried away with inaccuracies), but especially when it comes to style. and that's something that all three of these movies have in common: great style. usually great styling comes in the way of accessories (let's face it, you can only do so much with an empire waist dress). so that's what this is about...mostly coats, if i'm honest.

wuthering heights:
personally, i like the wild cathy. and i'm in love with this orangy-red coat they put her in for the "wild phase" before she settles down with edgar.

also, i love the details...like this feather she is playing with, she winds up putting it in her cap.

sense and sensibility:
two things i absolutely love about the styling of this movie: 1. this yellow coat. if you gave me that coat right now, i would wear it. 2. when the dashwoods move to the cottage, marianne starts wrapping her hair. i love it. it's so quaint.

which brings me to my next thing: i love charity wakefield who plays marianne dashwood. i think she's so cute! i guess i'm adding her to my "girl crush" list along with alexis bledel, zooey deschanel and my friend courtney miller.

who would not want to live here?

added bonus: brett younker is in it!

i couldn't find a picture of the green coat i really loved but i do love this brownish yellow one, too.

and i love romola gaira as emma. she's so fun. great casting.


Courtney said...

have you seen bright star? girl, watch it. beautiful. and she's a clothes designer for crying out loud.

also, i crush you back.

Ericka B. Jackson said...

Love these pics - you have such great style! I didn't know David was working for Booster though! I dated a guy in ATL that worked for them and went to some company events - they are such an impressive group!

Ericka B. Jackson said...

ps- that red coat IS GORGEOUS!