Monday, February 1, 2010

Haiti Donations

photo by mandy busby

not sure what the deal is with the red cross. two photographers that i know of on twitter have yet to see the work of the red cross anywhere on the ground, which begs the question where on earth are all those millions of dollars raised. apparently, the text message idea was terrible seeing as how they bills have to be paid to get the money? that takes weeks when they need relief now!

if you would like to donate to a place that is getting relief immediately to their people on the ground, please visit and click on the "support" tab to the left. they are doing so much great work and are overwhelmed with the need since the earthquake. they were working faithfully - before the quake - to help relieve the malnutrition crisis in haiti via the haiti nutrition project that is on their grounds.

along with the nutrition project, that is going to be more important than ever, my friend joel says that prosthetics are also a huge need right now due to amputations since the quake. so if anyone has any connections to an orthopedic surgeon who could help get these prosthetics donated, that would be amazing!

you can also follow all the latest goings on and developments in haiti and at canaan here.

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