Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Paul and Steve

bleh! i hate colds. they're stupid. and i hate how stupid i sound when i say i have one and that i don't feel good.

so what have i done today while the snot has been pouring uncontrollably from my face? (well, besides stuffing and mailing 90 baby shower invitations and making party banners and all sorts of other paper crafts...)

watching classics. in particular, today i watched cool hand luke and bullit.
i love paul newman, but not as much as i love steve mcqueen. now, if i were david, i would also go on about my love for robert redford, but i'm not david.

oh, steve. me and david have big plans of one day owning a triumph bonneville and riding around in awesome leather jackets.

so, there you have it. this is what i have done with my sick day.

i will say this. bullit is no great escape.

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