Thursday, March 25, 2010

Amos David

sweet friends and family, i can't remember to whom i've told what, so here is the craziness that has been the last few days.

monday, liz and i were working at mom's, as usual, scraping ceilings and whatnot. we were talking about how crazy it is that they were completely done with everything on their end of the adoption. everything had been sent in and monday was their first day to have their profile officially shown (they made photo books for birth mothers to look through when choosing who to give their child to). we were talking about how excited we were and how we couldn't believe that they had gotten everything finished in around 3 months, yada, yada, yada...

monday night, liz calls and i stop drying my hair to answer. the first things out of her mouth were "becky, we got a baby." i don't even remember how long it took me to actually compute those words and my first response was to cry and futilely try to put coherent questions together (this caused david to run in from the other room thinking some tragedy had befallen the family). i finally managed to ask when the mother was due, and liz just laughed..."she's being induced this friday!" oh yeah, and the mother has no idea the sex of the baby. we spent the next while laughing and crying together on the phone and made plans for me to come over the next day to get things done.

tuesday morning i go over bright and early and while liz is on the phone (phone call after phone call, as you can imagine in a situation like this) i start making a to do list, planning out the next few days (jd is working in georgia, at this point). liz's sweet friend lauren with her baby boy, harris, comes over and we head out to babies r us to pick up a few necessities and pick out a car seat, which my mom was going to come and pick up later. well, on our way to b.r.u. jd calls. liz just starts saying, "no she's not. no she's not." i am driving and start crying because i think the mother is changing her mind. then, liz grabs my arm and screams "she's in labor right now!" i almost wrecked the car. (is this too much detail?) so jd leaves ga and starts his 5 hour trek home. we go to babies r us with a whole new objective (once we actually got there we all had to pause, sit down and collect our thoughts. we were so crazy and frazzled). we grabbed the necessities, including a car seat which was now a necessity and headed back to the house.

more sweet friends, blair (with baby micah), morgan (with baby shepard), katie (with baby asher) and laura come over to help. we spend the next few hours doing laundry, getting liz packed, washing and sterilizing name it. all with the laughter of babies in the background (they were just as excited about their new friend). we work and work and laugh and stress and laugh some more and then a little after 5, jd calls...IT'S A BOY! so then we celebrated!

shortly thereafter, jd got home and we all watched awkwardly taking pictures :)

so, yesterday morning they drove up and met their son! i wasn't planning on going up until friday but once i saw the picture (and realized i don't work, so there's no reason i shouldn't) i begged david to go with me we are!

meeting him for the first time!

i could not stop staring at this sweet sleeping baby

me and mandy went over yesterday and worked on the crib


vanessa said...

So sweet! I can't wait to meet that sweet baby!!

Greta said...

awesome. just awesome :).
i can't wait to meet him either!

Design A-Peele said...

Sooo glad you blogged about it so the rest of us can hear this amazing story! Matt and I are still in amazement. God is soo good!

Biscuet said...

Holy smokes! Best blog post ever. I haven't been keeping up with blogs, but this morning i had a few extra minutes and randomly clicked on yours in my Google Reader... wow! What a blessing for me this morning. Thanks so much for sharing the details of this story.