Monday, March 1, 2010

The Wonder of Atonement

i have mentioned before how our church started the "radical experiment" on january 1.

this whole experiment has been so amazing to walk through as a church, with our small groups, as a family, etc. one of my absolute favorite things is reading through the reading guide during the week and then hearing a message on what you've been reading that week. am i a huge dork if i like it because it reminds me of school? anyway, i think it just makes so much more of an impact.

now, i'm getting off on a tangent. the purpose of this is to share the latest message...from leviticus of all places. i firmly believe that no matter who you are: christian or no, any walk of life, etc. this WILL change your life, and make clear one of the greatest questions of christianity.

so, if you have a spare hour at any point this week, i really challenge you to go here and watch or listen to this message ("the wonder of atonement").

"the reason we think [the punishment for sin] is overly severe is because we have a man-centered perspective of sin...the severity of sin is not determined in and of the action itself. the severity of sin is determined by the one who is sinned against...if you sin against a man, you are guilty; you sin against God, you are infinitely guilty, infinitely guilty of dishonor because He is infinitely honorable." -david platt

one of the most powerful things i've ever heard is at the end he talks about a man who trains missionaries who will face persecution and martyrdom in romania. and this man, as he is sending out men, is saying "brothers, do not ever forget that when you are martyred for your Lord and you stand before your God in heaven, were He to ask 'why should I let you in?' don't think for a second that your answer will be because you were martyred. know that your answer on that day will be the same answer that we all have. it will be 'i have nothing in me. i am trusting in His blood to cover over me."

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