Thursday, March 4, 2010

J. Crew Wedding Line

i had one of those weedings where everything went wrong (all before the big day...the day itself was wonderful and perfect). one of those disasters was my wedding dress, that i had made, didn't fit and two weeks before our wedding i wound up borrowing my wonderful friend morgan's dress. it was beautiful, but i think i would do things a little differently if i were to get married today and one of those would be picking a physical dress instead of trying to get someone to recreate what's in my brain. and i really think that if i were to get married today, i might just buy a dress from j.crew. so, in honor of "what i would have done" here are some of my favorites (the online pictures are not as good as the catalogue):

this dress makes me think of a friend who is going to get married on the beach, or maybe for a city hall wedding, i don't know.

this picture does not do this dress justice. and it's only $395.

this is the most expensive one, but who could pass on a dress with pockets?

the silk taffeta sascha gown:


Greta said...

Ha! I always thought you looked SO beautiful on your wedding day and that includes the dress. However, I completely understand sort of wanting to go back and have a do-over wit the details.
Those dresses from J.Crew are beautiful. Beautiful. My faves are the tricotine goddess, chiffon whitney and the radzimir.

Should we make up some event where every girl gets to buy another wedding dress and wear it 5 or 10 years after their wedding? Surely we could come up with something.

Beth said...

Wow -- a "weeding" sounds like it might be kind of bad from the get-go! ;)

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

oooo they're ALLLLL aamzing.

Ericka B. Jackson said...

Don't we all have that list of 'things we would do over' in our mind? I had no idea you had a dress disaster! You looked wonderful! We had disaster after disaster the week before, and especially the day before...don't even get me started on my flowers that were not at all right! Glad we ended up married at the end of the day though...I just keep telling myself that's what matters (even if I cringe at every picture of my bouquet. haha ;)

arif hasan said...

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