Monday, May 10, 2010

Amos's Baby Shower

last night [this post was started a few weeks ago], our sweet friends mandy and joel came over for dinner and mandy dropped off the pictures she snapped at liz and amos's baby shower. they are so great! i was so excited. i had so much fun making these decorations! i'm so glad we have such great pictures of the day.

it was such a fun day! so many wonderful people came out to bless the wilsons and the arrival of their sweet baby boy. sadly, the stomach bug was going around so amos didn't come until the tail end of the shower to be able to lower the chances of catching it. but it was still such a fantastic day!
also, a huge thanks to morgan who opened up her beautiful salon - morgan ashley - for the day!

this picture is for vanessa

i absolutely LOVE this picture of morgan (dear friend and salon owner) with her son, shepard.

our sister-in-law, alison (who there was 8 months pregnant with our newest nephew, pierce), liz, granny (our mom's mother), momma, and me

sadly, there were so many hostesses and they were coming and going that we didn't get a hostess picture :(


julianne butler said...

the shower looked like so much fun! i hate to have missed it.

vanessa said...

It was so beautiful! Love the beverage container and everything else. Also love those red lips you looked great!

Design A-Peele said...

wow! what a great shower! you must have changed your blog address bc I was checking the wrong one :( I missed so many posts. But it's nice on the other hand bc I have SO much entertainment this morning! seriously, great shower!