Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Update

just got back from a fabulous vacation with the ytterberg side of the family. our annual pilgrimage to michigan was so much fun. pictures coming soon...

also, a few months ago - out of boredom, i suppose - i netflixed Twilight to watch while david was out of town. i'm hooked. i'm on the 3rd book and trying to get through it before going to see it in the theater with my friend, laura. if kristen stewart can do anything for society, maybe she will make it cool to be pale again. honestly, i don't know what is scarier: vampires or over-tanned teenaged girls.

lastly, my sister sent me this picture today of amos giving the most perfect peace sign. tell me that's not the greatest thing you've ever can't. love my little nephew. (is he 4 months or 14?)

1 comment:

Greta said...

That picture IS, in fact, awesome. Look how deliciously chunky he's getting!!!