Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Monochromatic Filing Cabinets

first of all, this movie, not only met my months of high expectations, it exceeded them. if you never see movies in the theater, this should be your exception. it was amazing. best movie i've seen in a while.

second of all, i was re-watching (500) days of summer yesterday and remembered how much i ridiculously love this movie. it's the movie my friends and i should have made. it's beautiful and perfect. also, one of my favorite things from that movie (and this is totally random) is the filing cabinets in the greeting card office. i love the monochromatic feel of the whole office and the slightly different colors of the filing cabinets is superb. what an easy way to take something as mundane as a typical metal filing cabinet and make it beautiful. i want to do this somewhere. i wish i needed six filing cabinets in my home office.

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