Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall Clothes

yesterday was officially the first day of fall. i'm so ready to not feel like i'm going to melt when i walk outside. really, i would settle for being able to make it from the shower to the bedroom without sweating. but with fall, comes the fall wardrobe (which strongly resembles my summer wardrobe, just with more layers thrown on). but the one thing that hasn't made much of an appearance this summer (on me anyway): jeans. it's been so miserably hot putting jeans on just seemed like a mild form of torture. but now i'm breaking 'em back out. i love jeans. these are my favorites right now:

my black gap legging jeans (or jeggings, if you will).

i got each pair for $20 bucks. steal. boom.

and right now, i really am trying to justify buying these oxfords. they are only $50 which is cheaper than some crappier pairs at urban. but i just don't know. i looooove them, though.

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