Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Catch All Post

oh geez. i am such a slacker. so this will be serving as a catch-all post.

1. football season has freakin' started! my beloved auburn tigers are eeking out a so-far-undefeated season. every week i tell myself, "self, it will be better next week." whatever you have to tell yourself, right? win or lose, we finally have a crush-worthy quarterback. war cam eagle!

2. i got a job! and not just a job. i get to work for one of my closest friends at her fabulous salon. i'm only on my second week so far, but i'm loving it! and i now have a reason to put pants on in the morning, which is always a plus.

3. i've been reading radical, written by our pastor david platt. talk about life challenging and convicting. the one thing i have grown to love about david platt is his amazing (no other way to put it than God-given gift) of teaching, challenging, and loving all at the same time. it is a spectacular gift and i'm so thankful for the church family that the Lord has allowed us to be a part of.

4. i finally got pillows made for our couch. this fabric was the winner. and this is the result:

my friend mandy sewed them for me and they look fabulous. if you need anything made for your home, and do not possess the ability to sew, let me know and i'll give you mandy's info. she really wants to do this more!

5. we bought a new car. over a year after having our tahoe stolen, we finally made a decision and bought a newer version of our little beloved honda accord. it's our version of matching jogging suits.

i think that about covers the high points. i will try to be better about posting in the future. also, i've decided that until i get a new computer, i probably won't be putting any of our pictures on this one. so iphone pictures it is! (like anyone cares).


Greta said...

You're back.
Great job.
The pillows look fantastic.
And a new car.

vanessa said...

Love the header!! I also love your book wreaths and pillows I have that same fabric on the back of our living room ones and bedroom euro shams. And it washes well. Love the matching jogging suits HAHA

Design A-Peele said...

I care!! definitely keep putting pics on here. love the sofa and pillows. I want that yellow so bad, but it doesn't match a thing in my house :( Glad you have it though! I was just coming over to your blog to tell you to BLOG!! But you already had...good thing too ;)