Friday, December 3, 2010


a while back (maybe this time last year?) john mayer started a twitter feed of #leaveitinthe00s - or something like that. which was basically a list of things that we are just better off leaving behind us as we embark on a new decade.

i propose a new addition to that list: irony.

(1) urban's new so awful it's supposed to be awesome website. woof. (2) who doesn't like a good LOL cat? (3) no that's not a poster for a brat pack movie. that is a current american apparel ad. (4) mullet. and he's serious. you just don't get it. because you're an idiot.

i'm over it. urban outfitters has somehow figured out how to mass market a noun. and ever since, the rest of us have been forced to watch people parade around looking like fools and if you dare say something about it, you "just don't get it." well, newsflash: i do get it. and i still think you look like an idiot. it's the personification of the entitlement and arrogance of our generation. and i know that may seem a bit harsh, but dude in the huge glasses and knit grandma sweater vest, you look like a d-bag. not some enlightened it's-so-not-cool-that-i-made-it-cool genious.

don't get me wrong. we all had our fun. we've all embraced irony at some point or another. but adopting it as a lifestyle is absurd. it was a good few years. we'll all look back in episodes of "best decade ever" (does vh1 still exist?) and have a good laugh and something else even more preposterous will have taken it's place. but can we just agree to end the madness sooner rather than later? please? pleeeeeaaaaaasssseeeee?

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