Thursday, December 9, 2010

Evie Charlotte

on tuesday afternoon we welcomed little evie charlotte into the world. we [most of us present in the waiting room] could hardly believe it was a girl. i had thoroughly believed this entire time it was a boy - to the extent for the rest of the night i called her "him."

liz has a blog in theory, but never writes on it, so the story goes something like this. she wound up having to be induced due to high blood pressure on tuesday. her whole plan was to go into labor naturally and have an unmedicated delivery. well, the going into labor plan wasn't going to work, but she still went without an epidural for about 9 hours. there were multiple factors: the pictocin, a jerk doctor who broke her concentration, etc. - but she wound up getting the epidural and that turned out to be a huge blessing.

once she had the epidural and got comfortable, the baby's heart rate dipped so they repositioned her and it came back up. they put her on oxygen and she was just about to fall asleep when it happened again. mom went out to get ask them to get the nurse but by the time she had walked out of the room the baby's heart rate had gone down to 64. so i met her at the door and told her that and mom basically made the nurses hop to it. they still didn't seem to be in a huge hurry (but come to find out, there is an alarm that is supposed to go off that just didn't). mom and i left the room as they were inverting her bed to get her blood volume back up. [i might have had a minor break-down in the hallway at this point].

she was rushed off for an emergency c-section. a few minutes later we see dr. derosier sprinting by in full operation uniform...not what you really want to see. but by 4:37, evie was out and liz was fine and everyone was healthy and crying. [it was a blessing she got the epidural when she did, because they would have had to completely knock her out otherwise.

she was 6 lbs, 20" - almost the exact same size amos was when he was born! and she has a head full of blond hair, which was also a surprise, because we just knew it would be dark like jd's!

look at all that hair!

he has no idea what has just happened to him...

wilson family portrait: from a family of 2 to a family of 4 all in one year!

this year our family has exploded! we got jackson in january, amos is march, pierce in may - i don't know where i was on that one. that poor little fella never got a post...sad! - and now little evie.


Greta said...

In the order you blogged:
Did you make the wreath? I heart it. Even cooler in person.

I call all my kids the wrong names. Is that the similar as referring to them as the wrong gender? Also, I called Evie a him last night because I was talking about Bo while holding her. It's like patting your head and rubbing your belly.

Praise.the.Lord things worked out the way they did. Liz is stinkin' tough. Evie has awesome hair.

Amos is beyond cute and you're right, he has no clue. The cool hair just runs in the family ;).

I too got teared up at the blessings the Wilson family has been given in the past year. What precious little children they have! At this rate, they'll be the next Duggars, HA!

Greta said...

And you're welcome for the marathon comment.

Bek* said...

i love your marathon comment. and i did make the wreath! we had a boy version and girl version ready. i just assembled in the waiting room!

Design A-Peele said...

Wow!! I can't believe those drs and nurses! Ugh. Thank goodness for the epidural! Praise God. What a precious family!!