Friday, December 10, 2010

Spool Candles

the curse of christmas shopping is that for every gift you buy, you find three things you want for yourself. the other day i was perusing anthropologie for some gifts and i came across this little beauty.

now never mind the fact that i could [not would] spend a small countries GDP on candles - and anthropologie has some of the best - but i found this candle that i'm crossing my fingers and toes that they will still have it after christmas. it's basically this hefty porcelain spool that is wrapped in gorgeous herringbone ribbon and then is filled with the cleanest, crispest smelling candle you've ever smelled. like laundry in a cool breeze. seriously. and then when it's all burned up it would look awesome on a bookshelf or on your dresser filled with treasures!

(p.s. i can't find them online. i guess they are only in stores right now, because they are on sale. and the turquoise ribbon is my favorite)

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