Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Josh Ritter Concert

sunday night, david and i went to see josh ritter at UAB's alys stephens performing arts center. there really is nothing else to say but that it was probably the most amazing show i've ever seen. ever. he's always had my respect for his writing (in my opinion, the greatest songwriter of our generation), but to my pleasant surprise he is also such a fun performer with that great under-the-radar type of humor. i've never seen an artist so happy to be on stage. so many years at this, and he still looks like he's playing his first show. it was a full 2 hours and i still didn't want it to end. also, i felt so sad that he didn't even play my favorite song, but that's ok. i am just so sad that i had never seen him before and know that i will never miss another show. i would try to go into all the things that made the show great but for someone who loves words (me!) i can't adequately use them to describe it.

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