Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Adoption Update: Homestudy Complete

We are so excited to say that we have completed our home study and are now just waiting for our formal approval. We are using two agencies (because our placement agency does not have an office in Birmingham). Once we are officially approved by our home study agency, everything will go to our placement agency in Memphis to be checked off and approved there. we are thinking this whole process will take somewhere between 6-8 weeks. 
So what to do in the mean time? Well, we have some online classes we have to take as well as a trip to Memphis that we will make next week for a class there. And then there is a whole lot of praying to do...we are so burdened/thankful for/prayerful over our birth mother. We are aware that she may be going through or has already gone through a lot of painful decision-making, and we just so desperately ask the Lord to be with her during this process, even though we have no idea who she is or, specifically, what we are praying for. I get emotional every time I think of her. I can't imagine what it must be like. We have already been so blessed by her. 

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Greta said...

suuuuper exciting!!