Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fall Clothes

today, as we all coped with the fall-out of tropical storm lee (most of birmingham was out of power = no work), my friend joanna and i donned our favorite comfy sweaters and headed to the nearest starbucks with power to recharge our electronics. "SWEATERS?!?!" you ask, because it is only september. that's right. today was 58 degrees. hallelujah! this got me thinking of the things i would love to have for fall. it really all starts with one thing...red jeans. don't ask me why. i just really want a pair. so here is a little outfit based off that...

1. BDG red cigarette jeans, $58 2. scale necklace, $50 3. turning season pullover, $88 4. mossimo crossbody satchel, $25 (i actually have this in brown) 5. shehane boots, $160

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