Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Adoption Update: In the Waiting

We actually don't have much new information in the way of approval or anything. We are still waiting on our approval from Agape which we are expecting any day, and then that will be sent to Bethany Christian Services in Memphis who will sign off on it and at that point, it will take up to a month before we are officially and totally approved, at which time they will start showing our profile book to birth mothers. Our profile book is essentially our life in pictures and captions. That was a slightly nerve-racking experience knowing that whatever we put in  that book is what will speak to a particular birth mother. But it's really just another way to experience God's grace in all of this. We know that there will be something that we seemingly off-handedly decided to add that will excite or comfort or intrigue the birth mother that God has already chosen for us.

So right now, we are in a period of waiting. It's not easy. Especially when you think you would already be past this point. But we are continually resting in the knowledge that God is not surprised by this. He isn't asleep on the job. He knows perfectly and lovingly who our child is, and just like He knows how many hairs will be on it's sweet little head and how many times it's heart beats in a minute. He knows our child's birthday. And I'm not even going to sit here and pretend that my heart has grasped that, yet. I am a perpetually faithless and impatient person, but I know that the waiting will bring great reward and that his timing is perfect. And I am thankful for a gracious God who has nothing but our best in store. So if waiting is what is best for us, we will wait.

update: Since i scheduled this post, I was able to talk to our social worker and this morning I went and picked up our homestudy!! And as soon as i send her a few tiny corrections, it will be on it's way to Tennessee!! Yay!

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