Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dining Room Makeover

we have been in our apartment for a little over 2 years now and our "dining room" has been a big ole mess.  when we moved to birmingham, my mom gave me her old french provincial dining table (which she gave me permission to paint). i was obsessed with this picture of a dining room in domino and wanted to recreate that bold look without it being my wall color. i went with a bold turquoise-y blue but unfortunately against our gray wall (too dark to be paired with bold) and the rest of the walls being cream (apartments - blah), it was a disaster. but i thought i would wait til we moved out to repaint it. well, i got impatient. and decided to re-do it a couple of weeks ago. i chose a mint-y color that i love (it's martha stewart but i lost the swatch). it's so much more calming...

the project also included some windsor dining room chairs that my sister had given me when they moved to memphis. in the above picture, they are the color that she had painted them in college, and i initially painted them a midnight/titan color (which just further added to the horrible clashing of blue and gray). i love mint and black so i went with black for the accent chairs and then - because i am obsessed with this look - i decided to spray paint the end of the legs with a metallic gold spray paint. i love the way it all turned out.

total cost: about $15

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