Tuesday, November 22, 2011


no, not the tv show...although, isn't it great? lately, david and i have been talking a lot about parenthood, what we would do in certain situations, how we are going to handle questions and issues that will come up with being a transracial family (we have lots and lots of discussions about this...like playing out scenarios 15 years into the future).

but the overarching theme of our discussions are how we want to raise our children to love our God more than anything. we are so thankful that in their own adoption into this very temporary ytterberg family, they will see the greater story of how we are all adopted - through Christ - into inheritance with Christ as sons of God (ephesians 1:4-6). and more than just knowing that, we would so desperately want our children to grow up with a heart for others and a desire to follow Christ in whatever he might call them to do in their lives.

so that brings us to secret church a few weeks ago, and david [platt - not husband david] said something that has stuck in my brain ever since.

"God gives children to families for his glory. The goal of biblical parenting is NOT to help your children get a great education, be a great athlete, go great dates, have a great career or make great money. the goal of biblical parenting is to help your children love a great God."

and then he said this...

"Don't forget. God commands your children to leave you in order to follow Him." (matt. 10:37)

and that has just been rolling around in my brain and my heart for weeks. his point being that God is to be first in all of our lives and our allegiance to Him supersedes that of family, friends, circumstance or convention. and at the end of the day, God has called our children's allegiance to Himself and not to us. so we can play that role of supporter, encourager, teacher in our child's life or we can be the ones they leave behind to follow Christ in obedience. it's just stuck there in my heart. i'm so thankful that God would deem to bless us with the task of raising a child to love Him. it's such a great responsibility but will be full of such great reward.

(if you've even made it this far) what are some of your favorite things about parenting? favorite conversations, songs, books, etc.

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